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Is Milk Good for you: A must see video.

March 22, 2012

Is Milk good for you?

The following article is reproduced from the Fabrizio Poli blog

“Fourteen years ago my wife & were introduced to the world of natural health. My wife Silvia was doing her apprenticeship as a Herbalist in Northern Italy and she was encouraged was told three things would help her health:
1. Clean the bowel & keep it clean.
2. Stop eating meat & dairy, essentially become a vegan.
3. Make the study of health a lifelong project. Focus on health not diet, nor disease!Silvia was suffering from arthritis at the time and we were both slightly overweight.
I decided to follow this new way of eating & my hair started to grow back. We later discovered that dairy was making me go bald on top. So is this milk so good for you?

In the following video David Wolfe with Dr Sangeeta Pati, MD offers some interesting insight into milk:

Try Nushies’s Natural organic non dairy and gluten free ice cream. Its not only healthy but tastes fabulous.

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