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More Good News on Health Benefits of Coconut Milk

June 26, 2012

Australian Food News reports that  Oxford University researchers have announced that coconut oil may help people with Alzheimer’s regain their memory.

“While the results show a temporary effect, the researchers believe the short-term effects for the treatment of dementia patients have nevertheless been successful.

Australian Food News contacted one of Australia’s leading nutrition medicos Professor Peter Clifton of Australia’s Baker IDI Institute in Adelaide for his comments about the Oxford study.

Professor Clifton noted that coconut fat contains short-chain fatty acids which can increase ketones. “The ketones improve lucidity in some Alzheimer’s sufferers temporarily,” he said.

Professor Clifton believes that coconut fat has also improved the performance of Alzheimer’s Disease-affected animals tested in mazes. “The effect is real,” he said.

The Oxford research noted that 30g of coconut oil a day could be beneficial to Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Distinguishing coconut oil from palm oil

While coconuts grow on a palm called cocos nucifera, it is important for our readers to realize that coconut oil is significantly different nutritionally from the cooking oil known as ‘palm oil’, which is derived from a different palm called elaeis guineensis. The composition of palm oil does not increase ketones, so it does not have the beneficial effect on Alzheimer’s Disease that has been found in coconut oil.

While coconut oil contains a high level of saturated fat, the saturated fat in coconut oil is primarily lauric acid, which some studies associate with HDL (the ‘good cholesterol’). By contrast, the saturated fat content of palm oil is primarily palmitic acid, and the consumption of the latter is associated with elevated LDL (i.e. the ‘bad cholesterol’).”

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